Make it beautiful and other passionate moments

There are various things I do for others. Usually either for their approval or out of a personal obligation.

But the little things I do for myself that nobody ever sees are the things I know I love and I’m passionate about. They are at the core of how I operate. They are things I really believe in.

Who cares if I plate my morning omelet in the center of the plate and put the cheese right where it goes. Who cares if the roasted Brussel sprouts are perfectly cut in half? Who cares if the sauce is drizzled over the plate to form the pattern I think is most beautiful? But I want it to be the best I can make it and I want it to look beautiful.

That omelet will be seen by nobody on earth.

Still, I try to make it beautiful. Because I love doing that and it’s something that I do just because I love it.

Find things like that in your life. It’s nice.