Discipline and strengthening your mind

Want to break the endless scrolling habits we possess? We scroll from Facebook right to Instagram right to Twitter right to Reddit and back to Facebook again.

The answer is to strengthen the mind and teach it to focus on one thing each moment without craving that next dopamine hit (the moment we see the next post, image, tweet, news article, comment, etc... we get a little hit of this stuff to our brain).

To focus on the thing you need to work on right now without fear of missing out on all that other stuff out there.

To develop the discipline to actually start making yourself focus and just do it requires a strengthening of the mind.

To strengthen the mind you mush push hardest when you really want to quit. The days you don't want to show up need to be the days you show up longest and hardest.

To suffer this discomfort as we develop our self-discipline (so that we may be disciplined enough to practice focusing without distraction, etc...) requires that we know why we're putting ourselves through this. You must know what you want and, most importantly, why you want it.

Your “why” needs to be short and sweet. You need to ingrain it into your mind so in that difficult moment of distraction, laziness, or weakness you can quickly recite in your mind why you're doing this.

You must show up and do your best work when you're least motivated. Slay the beast and start doing what you want without regret and for the reasons you want to do them.

1. Find your “why”.
2. Force yourself through discomfort to strengthen your mind.
3. Use the discipline gained in that to practice focusing on one thing at a time.
4. Use your discipline and singular focus combined with your “why” to execute high-level work reliably.
5. Keep working on yourself.