How much can you take?

I'm reading "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins at the moment and as I read his incredible story, I'm left wondering just how much the human body can handle.

How much further could I run if I REALLY tried and didn't give up when breathing got difficult?

How much more could I lift if I pushed a little harder?

How much more could I lift 6 weeks from today if I pushed a little harder every time I go to the gym?

How much more could I focus if I ruthlessly cut out all distractions?

Cancel Netflix. Shut off my phone and lock it in a cabinet. Block Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and any websites that distract me throughout the day.

Run even when it’s freezing cold outside. Jump on the bicycle when it’s rainy and cold. Push harder and let nothing stand in the way. Build THAT mindset.

How much more could I focus if I really gave it an honest effort? Because it's not really about what I think my body can handle. It's about what my mind can handle and how much I'm willing to push it.

The book has been a great reminder to stop complaining and work my way out and work my way up. It's up to you and nobody else. So no excuses, no shortcuts, and certainly not taking it easy on yourself. Choose the hard and painful way and learn to love it.