Expert vs. amateur

I like to read and explore ideas. This often ends of setting a trap (that I often fall into) in which I'm tricked into thinking that I know more about a given subject than I do. Because I read ONE book about it.

What is the difference between somebody who reads a few books about a topic and maybe watch a Skillshare course or two and a real expert?

I have a theory that anyone can watch a few Skillshare courses on photography, we might have a rudimentary idea of how a shutter speed or aperture helps them get a better (or worse) picture.

On the other hand, an expert treats the camera as an extension as his hand. He can walk into a new photo location and immediately see what shutter, what ISO, what aperture will work best. He can see his subject and immediately understand how and why he will light the subject. The expert takes action and reacts with an intuitive-like speed where they immediately just know.

The Skillshare savant has the information, but not the speed of access to make the knowledge apply in real time in the real world.

Imagine a master of psychology. She can share all of her information and knowledge with you or me in a week, but she can also have a conversation and recognize the psychological traits on the fly and react as she sees fit moment by moment and no matter how different each conversation is from the last one.

You or I would have the information, but could we apply it to 10 patients over the course of an afternoon?

Therein, I think, lies the biggest difference between a guy like me who reads a few books about something and somebody who has dedicated their life to a skill.