Getting started is the hardest part

A rocket doesn’t think about lifting of, it just does. Starting is what rockets do and they’re really good at it.

I am an unrepentant procrastination machine. I want to be reformed of it, but I am never quite as focused as I know I really could be.

I want to change, but do I? If you really want to change it is #1 in your mind and you do make the change. So maybe I don't want to change as much as I know I should.

Anyway, I noticed this morning that right before I start a couple of different tasks that I've agreed with myself I would start doing each morning, there was a little moment where I started making an excuse.

I started to look for a reason to NOT do the thing. I didn't have anything better to do. I probably would have just wasted the time.

I did end up doing all three tasks, each of which I hesitated for a moment before starting.

I crushed the thought in its infancy and jumped into each task.

Because the hardest part is getting started, so get started quickly. Once you start it's easy. At least, that's what I've come to realize.

So be the rocket. Get started and don’t hesitate.