Hating the downhills

I overheard two people talking at an event a couple of days ago about cycling. One person talked about how much they enjoyed riding hills because the downhill speed and rest from hard pedaling feels so good.

The response from the other person was that they only liked biking on flat ground because having downhills means you have uphills and that means harder work.

It started me thinking about the difference they both had in response to the same topic at hand.

One of them was willing to endure a little hardship (some would call exercise) for the promise of future pleasurable experience. Really just enjoying what was happening at the moment and not worrying about the difficult things.

The other person couldn’t focus on anything but the difficult bits and therefore chooses to miss out on the entire experience because of the perceived difficulty.

It was a little reminder to me not the let the fear of what could go wrong be a deterrent from doing what I want to do or doing what needs to be done. Also, it was a reminder to focus on the good stuff. It makes working with the difficult stuff much easier.