When we're afraid to fail

Most of us have a myriad of reasons why we procrastinate. Whether it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, a fear of failing, a fear of looking bad, a fear of being vulnerable, and fear of other people’s judgments regarding the thing we do.

Or, maybe we’re just plain lazy, there are tons of reasons to prefer kicking back with Netflix than being productive.

Be a maker, not a consumer.

I do think I have a bit of laziness in my bones. It’s something I fight with and try to establish better habit by figuring out what it is I do when I’m feeling lazy and then what that activity does for me and then adjusting my response when I feel lazy to do something more structured and productive while still delivering that pay off my body or mind seems to be after.

But laziness aside, the fear of failure is strong with me. I think I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I always think I need to be more qualified and perfect to share what I know or share what I’ve done.

This leads me to spend months (or years!) tinkering behind the scenes when I could have shared so much with the world and people around me.

Don’t let perfection hold you back! Falling short of perfection is OK when you’re putting forth your best effort.

Falling short of perfection while being lazy or showing a lack of care for the work you do and whether you get better at it or not is the stuff that isn’t so good. Some form of perfection will arrive when we work hard and apply ourselves.

So work hard, be passionate, and damn the torpedoes that demand perfection!