Perseverance without passion

“Keep your head up, kid! Things will get better soon!” I’ve heard that more than once in my life. The message is pretty clear. Keep going and never give up.

It’s a maxim that I hold near and dear as well, but it must be qualified by your passion in the thing you are to keep doing.

Perseverance is pretty awesome. It will separate you from all the posers and pretenders. You’ll stand after they fall because you had the grit and determination to keep going.

But if you have no passion in the thing, it is time to give up and find what you have a passion for. Perseverance without passion is a life of misery.

So get to work and don’t stop working and persevere as you discover your passion(s).

If you find the work to be like toiling in the hot sun, hit the eject button and find something else and persevere there until you hit upon the thing that is easy to persevere in because you have such a passion for it.