I was given three hours to do seven days of work

Why is it that we only talk about travel delays? Why is it that it’s such a rare and notable thing when a project is finished ahead of schedule?

It’s so easy for us to fall behind and so difficult to get ahead. Why?

A big reason is the overconfidence we have when beginning a project thanks to an over-reliance on planning (and I do love my planning!), an underestimation of unexpected events (which always cause delay and nearly never cause great time gains), and over-ambitious deadlines that force us to complete a week-long project in 3 hours.

We won’t have much success doing that and we will have lots of added stress.

What’s the solution? Fragments.

Break projects down into small pieces. Give “needless” extra time in consideration of unexpected events. Don’t be afraid of a deadline that is further out than you feel comfortable with.

If they tell me the flight will take 6 hours, but it ends up taking only 4.5 hours, I’d be thrilled. Not so happy if flipped the other way, though.