Like tinkling off a bird’s backside

I’ve noticed that when I’m doing lots of work–doing many photo shoots or making many YouTube videos–it’s much MUCH easier to take criticism regarding any individual shoot or video.

I can almost shrug my shoulders, do my best to fix the problem, and know that I have a dozen more jobs that I’m actively working on and this trouble can’t slow me down.

It’s the anti-fragility of the ten thousand pebbles. You can crush one of my pebbles, but I have 9,999 more that are doing just fine.

When I’m focused on just one big photo shoot or one big video, everything hinges on it. It gets scary and the stress reaches a fever pitch. Then you wait with bated breath for the client’s approval. It’s very uncomfortable.

That’s the fragility of the single boulder. If the client smashes your one and only project it feels devastating.

Do lots of work, lots of jobs, and spread yourself around. That way, like Medusa, when they cut the head off one snake, more will grow in its place. You will be stronger for it (and you'll do much more valuable work for society!)