I'm tempted to take the easy way

In one of my favorite talks on creativity ever, John Cleese talks about some of the vaunted members of the Monty Python writing crew of whom he was a part and how he could see that certain writers would get to a good joke and be content with the funny thing they had written.

But others would see that they had written a funny joke and push past it to the truly hilarious joke. The kind of thing that sets a show apart and pushes it into the stratosphere of legend.

That little story rings true with me every day as I’m writing, making videos, shooting portraits, designing logos, sketches portraits, etc… I hit on something good and the temptation is always there to be content and recognize I did well, but if I press on and stick with it, something better is always around the corner.

But I want to do great. Good is a nice start and a stepping stone to greatness. Never be afraid to give up the good and go for the great. I read that somewhere and it’s a pretty good idea. It’s just scary and annoying sometimes to actually do.

You can be finished with the job when it’s good, but it’s up to you to make it great.

For those who are great, there is always a place in the world–and for some–in the history books.