The uninformed critic

When my two-year-old daughter shouted “She isn’t dead, just wake her up, dad” at a recent funeral, the reaction of myself and those around me wasn’t to scold or express indignation toward her.

She’s operating from a position of expected ignorance and we know her intention wasn’t to be provocative or inappropriate.

When you produce your work and it is subject to the bitter stings of criticism there is always something to learn.

It can, however, be particularly difficult to extract the helpful bits when you’re dealing with the uninformed critic. You know them, you might be one of them. The person who lacks self-awareness, who thinks they know better, and who doesn’t even know how much they don’t know about the matter at hand.

The ignorance paired with the arrogance of the typical uninformed critic will test even the most humble and meek among us.

The first lesson is to self inspect and be honest with yourself. Are you an uninformed critic?

The second lesson is how to deal with them. Do you get angry a the young child for saying something inappropriate at the wrong time? It won’t do much good and you know that she is the uninformed critic.

Maybe start to treat your uninformed critics with more kindness because they are not yet privy to the information you are. They need experience and knowledge. Maybe you can help them rather than start a war in the comment’s section?

I do, however, understand the frustration of dealing with the guy who is both arrogant and uninformed(and doesn’t even seem interested in getting to the truth of the matter). I think the lesson here is one of sunk cost and letting go what can’t be reformed or saved.