Is procrastination actually good?

Could it be? Is it possible that procrastination is actually a good thing? Have we gotten this all wrong?

I wonder sometimes if procrastination is this deeply natural urge from within yourself to resist things that are unnatural to you, things that fly in the face of what makes you, you and what you’re passionate about.

Do we procrastinate heading out for a vacation? Or running out of a burning building? Or pursuing our passion project?

Maybe the procrastination “problem” is really a problem of not doing work that is fulfilling.

Your body will resist the work and things that it doesn’t naturally gravitate toward and that resistance manifests in the form of procrastination.

If that is true, the answer would be to not resist the procrastination, but instead, do the work you feel drawn to do, and always pursue doing the work that you are “called” to do.

That’s the passionate stuff. And everybody can tell when you’re passionate about what you do.