Jab, jab, jab, right hook

The title is a book written by Gary Vaynerchuk. I love the way the book looks, but I found the book itself to be very boring. Still love Gary, though.

The principle is that you hit people with lots of free content, videos, fun stuff, and engagement to build a rapport with them.

After doing the work upfront you ask for the sale and make lots of money for your company while actually providing value to people who support you.

The principle is really solid and is applicable to nearly every aspect of life.

In fishing, we let out the line and reel back in bit by bit.

In teaching, we offer lots of interesting and fun stuff before hitting students with the more difficult stuff.

We do lots of nice stuff for a person before asking the difficult question.

My little daughter will come to give me a hug and tell me how much she loves me... before telling me she broke the new TV.

When you learn the principle, you'll start seeing it everywhere.

It's funny though that in the world of YouTube videos people will start to get pretty uncomfortable with your content if you start selling a product in every video or only make sponsored content.

Web users have grown up with the idea that content should be free online.

As a content creator, I find myself creating multiple videos NOT promoting anything and then every few days offering a sponsored video.

But isn't it funny that we're still willing to sit down and watch a TV show or football game that is 40% commercials? Where would that ratio get you with a YouTube video?

Funny how we adapt to different mediums. We all have to adapt constantly to what our customer or viewer expects. I'm still working on finding the best balance.