Show up every single day

If you've read any of my older blog posts you know how I subscribe to the theory of showing up day after day after day.

Even if all you actually do is the "show up" part.

I've been (surprisingly) pretty consistent posting here since November 2018 when I was sure that I'd only write for a couple days before forgetting about it.

Instead, a habit has been formed and it's turned into something I MUST do every morning.

Showing up every day buys me the equity to mail in a blog post like this on a day like today. I'm busy and I need to pound out a quick post just to make sure I do this.

I don't really even care about the quality of this blog entry, I just want it done. Usually, that means I'll actually run into something interesting.

So that's it. Show up. Every single day. That makes it easier to show up and the people you show up for will give you the benefit of the doubt when you show up like I have today.

I showed up, but not much else. But I did show up.