Just ask

It's hard to ask for what we want for fear of being rejected or fear of appearing vulnerable.

But it's better to not take everything so seriously. Call your cable company and tell them in a fun and relaxed tone of voice that you don't want to pay as much and that, as a loyal customer who paid on time for years, you would like some kind of discount. You'll probably get one.

Often we don't get the things we want because we hype them up in our own mind to the point where it's terrifying to think about being rejected so it's easier to just sit still and not try at all.

Try asking for everything. Ask for a lollipop at the grocery store checkout, ask for a discount when you want one, ask for a higher price for your work, ask for time, ask for funding to pursue your latest corporate venture.

You'll probably get it just because you asked. The dirty secret is that almost everyone is afraid to ask so you're not even bothering anyone when you do.