They want the credit, but not the risk

Staying the same and never moving feels safest. Saying "no" to every opportunity that arises feels like a warm hug. It's easy to say "no" and hard to say "yes" when opportunity knocks.

But to say "yes" and step away from your comfort zone is a mark of leadership. Leaders blaze a trail, they don't follow a path.

Where are they going? Nobody knows because nobody has gone there before. If the trail was blazed, they would no longer be a leader but a follower.

You don't always need to know exactly where you're going or how it's all going to work out. You do need to have faith, imagination, and initiative to make it work out.

Those who are too afraid to risk leading follow and content themselves with mediocrity. They also tend to criticize those who wish to lead.

They offer an opinion or make changes to your work. They're ready to meddle in your work just as long as they don't have to face the risk of failure.

Stick to your convictions and do what you think is best for the trail you're blazing.

So take risks, take initiative even when you don't know the details, and hold fast your convictions. You're the leader, the risk-taker, and the one who see things a little differently. Don't lose that specialness in a world that prefers the safety of mediocrity.