Pretending everything is okay can be fun

...or not so fun. I missed a couple of blog posts and I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts the past couple weeks. It’s strange. I know what I want to do and what I need to do, but I’m just not getting everything done.

Isn’t it funny how that works? I can step back and watch myself intentionally choosing to do low priority tasks that are easy because I don’t want to deal with the higher priority stuff that is marginally more difficult.

And as the cycle of life works, the things that bring immediate pleasure to you (outward-to-inward pleasure) that always feel great at the moment, but within minutes, they leave you feeling pretty crappy about your choice. (inward-to-outward pleasure is derived by achieving goals, sticking to your plan, being a productive person, doing good for others, etc…)

No worries. I’ll just make another bad decision to make up for the first bad decision. And so the cycle repeats.

I think it takes a vicious moment of honesty with yourself and discipline to see what you’re doing and the disciple to shut it all down and focus on the couple important things you need to get done. Go get it. Now.