One is better than zero

Making something that is pretty good is better than making nothing at all.

If you make a product, service, photograph, video, painting, etc… that one person enjoys, watches, consumes, etc… that’s better than zero. Don’t let your perceived lack of an audience keep you from doing that thing right now. Also, probably more than one person is interested.

If a perfect video is worth 100 points but takes you one week to produce and a pretty good video is worth 50 points, but only takes a day to make, you could make six of those videos a week.

Six pretty good videos are “worth” 300 points, therefore, meaning you introduce 3x the value into the marketplace by creating pretty good artwork.

If you’re commissioned to create perfect, do it and charge the amount to ensure the value and time aspect of your work is fairly compensated, but don’t let a chase of a perfect work stop you from starting. There is more value in creating pretty good work for all of us.