The not-to-do list

I saw an ad on Instagram last night while I was wasting time doing some scrolling and I only even half paid attention because I saw Tim Ferris mentioned in it. The add mentioned your “not-to-do” list.

I didn’t dig any deeper, but this is something I’ve always done (thanks, mom!) in addition to my “to-do” list.

You rough out what you need to get done that day, but also set boundaries (which are usually more simple, more direct, and easier to follow). Those boundaries are things like:

1. Don’t use my phone for the first 2 hours I’m awake.

2. Don’t use the computer before doing morning reading and meditating.

3. Don’t do any social media related things in the first four hours of work.

4. No email or phone calls/texts before completing the high priority items.

Set some boundaries. They help to add shape and structure and will make you a more effective worker every day.