Saving all relaxation for the weekend

Just how much more could we get done if we gave away a day or two a week?

The idea is simple. Sacrifice Monday - Friday entirely to working as hard as you can. Maybe get a short and intense workout in each morning and read a little, do the things that make up your morning and evening routine, but no other entertainment. No sports, no watching TV/Netflix, etc…

But then spend all of your remaining two days resting or playing or whatever way you break down the time.

I know, don’t we already work for the weekend? Not really. We get home from work and still have 4 hours to watch TV, or whatever else we choose to do. We add the weekend time off to that.

I’m talking about extreme workloads for five days and two days of total rest and relaxation. It’s how I’ve tried to live, but I’ve never quite been as disciplined about it as I could be. That’s going to change and I think it may take my productivity and balance in life to a new (good) level.

I did just talk about pacing a couple of posts ago and that is important. This idea regards the overarching approach to a week of work. Pacing would apply to how you structure each day individually to avoid running out of steam.