Searching for excuses

To break a bad habit is a noble yet difficult thing. To start new, better habits can be equally difficult.

I find that when I'm wrestling with a particular habit or behavior pattern I want to change, I start looking for excuses to continue the bad habit (or not start the good habit).

I can do all the planning and writing down exactly what and why I will make this or that change, but when the time comes to actually put in the work I actively seek distraction or excuse from doing the good thing I know I should be doing.

It's fantastically interesting to watch myself try to do this over and over and I am still not sure why I do it, but I know without a doubt that it's just another hurdle I always must overcome when I'm working on myself.

It’s interesting to note things like this about yourself. It makes it easier to work on changing those things as well.

Never stop changing.

Never stop changing things that keep you from making changes to yourself.