Seth Godin is wrong about "move fast and break things"

I really like Seth Godin.

I check out Seth Godin's blog every couple days and I saw the other day he wrote a few words about the saying "Move fast and break things" where he fails to see the merit of the saying.

Either I'm onto something or I'm just in the mood to be a contrarian.

Breaking things has never been "the point of your work" as Godin says. The saying is all about NOT overthinking things and being decisive.

This means that you will certainly break some things, but don't worry about it.

Decisiveness will allow you to correct from those mistakes and gain ground quickly.

Don't worry about "making things better" or "learning something" or "creating possibility".

When you think about these things you lock yourself up. When you let go and allow your self to break things, you put yourself exactly in a position to make things better, learn new things, create possibilities, and get better and do better in all the things you do.

When you're away from work be concerned with the good things Godin talks about, but when works begin, be fearless and ready to break things if you make a mistake, but quickly adjust course and correct, grow, get better, stronger, and faster at everything you do.