The future of photography, no more smallpox, and flying cars

Like we see with many things, older is better. Older stands the test of time. The time which is a fire that burns yet leaves no ashes.

Today we suffer from a newness bias. What is new must be better, more progressive, etc… etc…

It’s easier to predict the future not base don what we think will be added to humanity, but what we see that can be removed.

We removed smallpox, but we never added those flying cars.

We’re seeing cities become more and more bicycle friendly (removal of many gas-burning cars), and not being outfitted for those afore-mentioned flying cars.

All this to say that the future of photography will be the reduction of trendy trinkets. Gone will be the colored filters, the over-cooked color treatments, the gimmicky prisms, the grotesque posing styles of Avante Garde high fashion.

It could be replaced with a few new methods that will also be cast aside shortly thereafter as well, but photography will always have its roots in what has stood from the beginning:

1. Simple, well-composed frames.

2. Good light.

3. Beautiful posing.

Those three things will stand longer than any fad or trend our industry sees (or suffers from).