The difficult thing about beauty

When we make things beautiful it makes the contrast between what is ugly even more stark.

When we clean our car next to the dirty, unkempt car, it looks that much nicer.

As we work to make things beautiful we will face resistance from ourselves in the form of fear of not being able to stand as tall in the presence of this thing of beauty that we’ve created or seen.

We will also face resistance from those around us who don’t like the uncomfortableness of the beautiful thing we’re making that challenges them to become better and live up to what they’re capable of when they see this object of beauty we make.

Beauty in terms of neatness & order, an amazing photograph, an incredible painting, or an incredible piece of artwork we see created should remind us to keep pressing to a higher mark and become something better than what we can be.

Beauty shows the contrast between what we are and what we could be; for that reason we often push away beauty or feel jealousy toward it.

I think we should look at beautiful work created by others with appreciation and allow it to spark within us a drive to be better at everything we do.

Beauty in humans is a different issue. I’m writing about the beauty that we’re able to create, not the beauty you were (or were not) given thanks to your genetic composition.