The little things that can help other people

There are 100x things you do each day without thinking about them.

Most of us pick up our phone and check it 50x times a day without realizing it.

More important than checking our smartphones are the little things we do when we do what we're good at. When we play the piano, when we file insurance data spreadsheets, when we build our email newsletter, when we interact with clients on the phone, and more. Little things that we hardly notice.

Things that we take for granted.

I was sitting in a consultation "session" recently offering what little advice I could and more than a couple times throughout this "session" the person to whom I was speaking asked me to stop and re-explain or show what it was I was talking about.

They didn't want to see the overarching thing I was talking about again, they wanted to see the five little things I did in that process that they never thought to try.

I also had never seen them as significant enough to consider sharing.

It has me sitting here thinking that I should be focusing on the little things I do and take for granted every day. Maybe sharing those things more often would be helpful and interesting for people.

The lesson I took was that the journey to the thing that you're teaching probably contains more teaching moments than you realize. Being an "expert" (blechhh) at something can cause you to forget the pains of learning and figuring all that stuff out. Share it all! No matter how mundane you think it may be.