Theodore Hackston Dodson and a 3-time father

At 8:03 pm on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, my wonderful wife has made me the proud father of three children with the birth of our second son, our third child overall, Theodore.

Theodore means “gift of God” and his middle name, Hackston is a tip of the cap to David Hackston, an old Scottish Covenanter figure who lived and died in incredible fashion.

He's a happy and healthy baby as far as we can tell.

I wonder what that moment feels like to be born into this world, but I forget what it was like when it happened to me. In fact, I've never met anybody who remembers what it was like.

Everybody in the room gushing over you and croaking these strange things at each other while making faces at you. But you don't even know what a person is, what life is, what breath is, or why you should trust any of these people.

You just coast through life for a few months and those of us that survive those months spend the rest of our lives indebted to our mothers for guiding us while we were helpless.

I've watched my wife give birth three times and it's incredible to see of what the human body can be capable. I've made three new people and that's really cool but it's really strange feeling, too.

You've got one life to live, buddy. Don't waste time, don't do wrong, and be brave in everything you do.