The merit in losing arguments (especially on Facebook)

When an idealist cannot balance his idealism with day-to-day realities, his life ends up a mess.

He will believe he's persecuted or a martyr (and maybe he is). But is it possible to hold your ideals while being a practitioner who steps outside of the abstract world of ideals and into the day-to-day realities?

It’s easy to be a talker who holds a few grandiose ideas. It’s easy to be the person who does nothing while expecting everyone around him to uphold his standard of acceptability.

It's easy to talk when you don't have skin in the game.

It’s much more difficult to be the person who has skin in the game, who stands to lose something and still stick to your standards.

Having something to lose will force you to examine your standards and determine just how deeply you believe them. There is something valuable about having strong objective standards in the abstract AND applying them wisely in life.

To stand to lose something and still make good decisions and not lose your sense of morality is the difficult thing.

The person who points and demands of others (who stand to lose much) while he stands to lose very little is hardly respected by others.

So when it comes to winning vs. losing arguments: losers win arguments in the ethereal battlegrounds of the abstract, winners win in real life.

Test what you believe. Stand to lose something. You’ll find out what you actually believe (and where you could be better). Maybe it's good to lose the war of words to win in life.