Burn the boats!

In the year 711, the Arabic commander, Tarik landed near Gibralter in modern day Spain where he took his army of around 10,000 men to face an army of 100,000+ as he began his conquest of Spain.

The first order he gave upon landing was for his men to burn the boats.

Afterward, he gave a famous speech where he extolled his men that they had only the sea behind them and the enemy before them and they carried only their swords and their courage.

Long story short, he won the battle in a decisive victory and went on to become a hero in the Arabic world and is fairly well known even to this day.

The lesson is that you never burn your enemies boats but you always burn your own boats. Put yourself in a position where you must succeed and you’ll see just how capable you really are.

*NOTE: I missed two days of writing posts here. Not sure how I’ll even survive. :)