The opinion of the gatekeepers is worthless

Picking the best college to attend comes down to three criteria, in my humble opinion.

1. Do you go to the place that has the best credentials and awards and rankings?

2. Do you go to the place that happens to be geographically near the place where you expect your career will take you?

3. Do you go where you think the people who are also in your soon-to-be industry also attend or live? (i.e. a wannabe actor goes to school in Hollywood, or a wannabe fashion photographer chooses London or New York City, etc...)

In my mind credentials from the "gatekeepers" are nearly worthless (lists and rankings are too influenced by paid sponsorships, too.)

You never know where you'll end up. Here, there, or Nepal. I wouldn't choose based on location.

The people, however, are the driving force. They will become your peers, coworkers, employees, investors, bosses, and more. They inspire, create, motivation, and present you with opportunities. Go where the people are.

People who are interested in what you do are also one of the best means of becoming better at whatever it is you do. Find the garage door opener mecca of the world if you want to revolutionize the way we park indoors.

Find your tribe, the people who get you and push you to be better. That way you get a real education, a fun experience, and you can make some money while you're at it.