Wear out or rust out

We usually know what our problems are. We usually know what we need to do about them. But we're either too afraid of doing what we need to do, or we aren't disciplined enough to begin doing what needs to be done.

We fear risk and we end up doing nothing instead.

We like to assume that the world moves at our pace and we end up jogging when we should be running. We miss opportunities and we never start correcting our problems because we don't want to push the pedal to the metal and take risks in pursuit of higher goals.

While we tentatively tip-toe forward, somebody is running behind us, pushing the pedal to the metal, taking risks, and preparing to overtake us.

You're probably soft. I am soft. You're probably not aggressive enough. I'm definitely not aggressive enough. You're probably afraid to ask one more time. I hate asking one more time, too. You're probably afraid to press somebody for a more favorable outcome. Me too.

Committing to taking action involves facing these pain points head-on and defeating them. Push harder, be more aggressive, don't be afraid to ask, and never hesitate to step out of line.

Instead of a thousand reasons why it won't work, find a thousand reasons why it will work. Only when you believe it will you understand it. Once you believe and understand it, it becomes a way of life. You won’t be able to do any differently.

And why do we limit ourselves in such a way? Are we afraid our wax wings will melt as we fly higher and closer to the sun? Or have we always been taught always to hold back a little, to take the “safe” route, or reserve something “just in case.”

President "Teddy" Roosevelt famously said that all men must either wear out or rust out and his choice was to wear out. Will you wear out, or will you rust out?