The quarterback only throws the ball

Leaning into what you’re good at has always been a particularly difficult thing for me because I get bored doing the same thing over and over, but also I make the huge assumption that because I’ve done something once, that is enough.

Take for example YouTube videos: When you see huge success with a video, you should immediately put out a dozen similar videos and ride the wave and see where it takes you. My flawed approach has always been to be happy for the successful video, but don’t make anymore because people will get angry because they’ve seen the first video and it’s enough.

But successful YouTubers lean into their successes and press the issue. I admire that so much.

Think of the NFL quarterback. His job is to throw the ball. 30-50x a game he drops back and does the same thing. That’s what is expected.

If he ran the ball, punted, kicked field goals, defended the line, etc… people would rightfully criticize his scattered effort and not doing what he’s best at.

So, do your best and do what you’re best at doing. Lean into that, press the issue, and have no fear of what others think.