It’s legal, but is it ethical?

We tend to justify the shady practice of certain business people (especially if we’re friends) by saying “well, they have to find a way to make some money” or some flavor of “everything they do is perfectly legal”.

I’ve been thinking about this recently while thinking about much of the banking system we have.

When we care more about a business practice that is legal and not how ethical it is, we set in motion a mindset that prefers massive, document-heavy, bureaucratic-laden systems that favor the insider who knows the legal tricks to game the individual out of their money.

Legally, of course. He would never want you to think he’s doing anything wrong (or unethical).

I think this is one reason that I’ve always preferred things to be more simple and straight forward. It’s probably why we all feel uneasy when getting entangled with lenders and banking institutions. All those pages of terms, all this money on the line, and your plastic smile assuring me that everything will be just fine.

Everything will be fine while the banker is sipping a cool drink on a yacht of the coast of the Hamptons while you sit in traffic waiting to punch the clock at the 9-5.

Sometimes I just have to rant in my thoughts and then it comes out in these posts. :)