Slow and painful, disheartened and jaded

Man is a social animal and not much is better than to be with a good group of people who “get” you.

When you’re working through life alone every set back feels like a sledgehammer pounding down and crushing you. Slowly and painfully you get back up and bit by bit you get disheartened and jaded.

When you are with your community a sledgehammer like blow will knock you back, but the closeness of the community helps absorb the blow (even if just mentally) and you step back and are able to recompose and get back on track with more confidence and the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got brothers on this hand and that.

Also, a good community will force you to push yourself harder to keep pace. The side effects are more personal (and business) growth and also an even greater sense of well-being because you’re living a more productive life.