The two extremes are good, the middle is bad

The prolific Belgian author, Georges Simenon wrote over 500 novels during his lifetime. One notable thing about him was that he worked intensely for 60 days a year and rested the other 300.

He set aside time to do nothing and he actually did nothing during that time.

It’s an interesting idea.

We have a saying that goes something like, “seek not to add days to your life, seek to add life to your days.”

If we work intensely for short bursts of time rather than slugging out long 16+ hour days, I think we would get more done.

We would also have more time off to rest and recover and pursue personal passions. Just no “work”.

The extreme of working really, really hard for short periods of time and then doing nothing but resting for other periods of time are the two extremes.

The middle is to work 8-12 hours each day and chase the paycheck and live for the weekend. Maybe it’s not as risky as the boom or bust all-work and all-play mentality, but let’s seek to add life to our days and live with more passion and fulfillment.

Georges Simenon only managed to write 500 novels, but then again, he didn’t have his cushy 401k. Decisions, decisions.