Wear your diaper tighter and skin your knees

I’m going to try to write titles to my entries that sound funnier and more intriguing than the borderline-Tony-Robbins-like twaddle I’ve been writing for the past six months.

This is uncomfortable for me. I know, only 10 or 15 people read what I write, but it still feels weird to not be boring and safe.

Oh, wait! That’s the catch. That’s the thing I need to stop doing. I need to stop being so safe all the time. It’s boring and it’s not effective.

I’ve known in my head for a long time that to be truly outstanding I must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

But in my heart, I have a hard time delivering and actually living out what I know is correct. Because it’s uncomfortable, I might fail, I might look stupid, and the warmth of just being boring and conforming in is an enticing lover.

I often try to take on tasks, jobs, and hobbies that push me out of my comfort zone. I’m working on taking up cycling and golf at the moment. I’ve never even been golfing on a real course (just that mini-golf stuff) and I used to ride a mountain bike around the block as a kid. That’s my experience.

I want to shoot par on 18 holes consistently and I want to ride my bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco. That’s uncomfortable to think about. More uncomfortable to say. And most uncomfortable to tell those in my family and friend circle I’m going to do.

Because I might fail.

There is always a risk of failure in everything, but by fully embracing the risks and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable bits I will be able to ride 3,000+ miles across this nation.

So wear your diaper tighter and more uncomfortable and fall down every now and then and skin those knees.