Wooden legs without the limp

When your back hurts a little after a long day of work, or pulling too much on the deadlift bar yesterday, or riding too many miles a couple of days ago, walk straight and without a limp.

Ever since I was a little kid I have noticed that the vast majority of people fall into a need-to-be-helped, want-to-be-helped, or do-it-yourselfer category.

For those who genuinely need help and who genuinely are not able to walk without a limp, you get a pass here, but the mental aspect I think still applies.

What I noticed about these different sorts of folks was that there was a massive difference in the way they were perceived and respected. Those who were confident, established, and willing to risk it and figure out how to make it through got heaps of respect. They were looked up to by most people.

The people who needed help fell in a sort of neutral middle-ground where people were aware of their shortcomings or disabilities and worked with them as best they were able.

The people who wanted the help nearly always wanted the attention that came with the help and in the process, they would always make themselves appear as lesser, as victims, or as hopelessly lost. There is nothing wrong with asking for help (in most situations) but to destroy the air of a well-adjusted, strong, helping, confident, reliable person always boggled my mind.

After observing several situations involving folks who behaved like this I promised myself that I’d walk without a limp even if it hurt a little more. I would be the pillar others could lean on, I would only ask for help if absolutely necessary.

I wanted people to look at me and see a complete package of stability, reliability, level-headedness, no dramatic theatrics at every little problem, and a person who exuded confidence.

I’m not quite at that level yet, but the attitude of showing no outward weakness (except occasionally) has served me extraordinarily well in many facets of life and business.

If I'm building my personal brand, I want it to be a strong and deep one.